Exploring Head Tracked Head Mounted Displays for First Person Robot Teleoperation


We explore the capabilities of head tracking combined with head mounted displays (HMD) as an input modality for robot navigation. We use a Parrot AR Drone to test five techniques which include metaphors for plane-like banking control, carlike turning control and virtual reality-inspired translation and rotation schemes which we compare with a more traditional game controller interface. We conducted a user study to observe the effectiveness of each of the interfaces we developed in navigating through a number of archways in an indoor course. We examine a number of qualitative and quantitative metrics to determine performance and preference among each metaphor. Our results show an appreciation for head rotation based controls over other head gesture techniques, with the classic controller being preferred overall. We discuss possible shortcomings with head tracked HMDs as a primary input method as well as propose improved metaphors that alleviate some of these drawbacks.

In Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces, ACM.
Corey Pittman
Computer Science, PhD

My research interests include augmented reality, novel user interfaces, and gesture recognition.