Machete: Easy, Efficient, and Precise Continuous Custom Gesture Segmentation


We present Machete, a straightforward segmenter one can use to isolate custom gestures in continuous input. Machete uses traditional continuous dynamic programming with a novel dissimilarity measure to align incoming data with gesture class templates in real time. Advantages of Machete over alternative techniques is that our segmenter is computationally efficient, accurate, device-agnostic, and works with a single training sample. We demonstrate Machete’s effectiveness through an extensive evaluation using four new high-activity datasets that combine puppeteering, direct manipulation, and gestures. We find that Machete outperforms three alternative techniques in segmentation accuracy and latency, making Machete the most performant segmenter. We further show that when combined with a custom gesture recognizer, Machete is the only option that achieves both high recognition accuracy and low latency in a video game application.

In Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction, ACM.
Corey Pittman
Computer Science, PhD

My research interests include augmented reality, novel user interfaces, and gesture recognition.