Gesture Recognition

Multiwave: Complex Hand Gesture Recognition Using the Doppler Effect

We built an acoustic, gesture-based recognition system called Multiwave, which leverages the Doppler Effect to translate multidimensional movements into user interface commands.

Jackknife: A Reliable Reliable with Few Samples and Many Modalities

Our dynamic time warping based approach for both segmented and continuous data is designed to be a robust, go-to method for gesture recognition across a variety of modalities using only limited training samples.

A Rapid Prototyping Approach to Synthetic Data Generation for Improved 2D Gesture Recognition

We introduce a novel technique called gesture path stochastic resampling (GPSR) that is computationally efficient, has minimal coding overhead, and yet despite its simplicity is able to achieve higher accuracy than competitive, state-of-the-art approaches.

Multiwave: Doppler Effect Based Gesture Recognition in Multiple Dimensions

We present the results of a user study of Multiwave to evaluate recognition rates for different gestures and report accuracy rates comparable to or better than the current state of the art.

A $-Family Friendly Approach to Prototype Selection

We explore the benefits of intelligent prototype selection for $-family recognizers.